The Value of a Vermont Backroad Tour


The escalating price of traveling in your own vehicle makes a Vermont Backroad Tour the best value in today’s economy. Consider if you were to travel over the roads in your own car. You could drive over the back roads on your own, looking for the covered bridges, farms, and mountain roads for a view of the valley below. However, half of that time will probably be spent on a main highway with some road-raging motorist on your tail, looking for the first chance to pass you. Over the course of 3 1/2 hours, you might travel up to a 100 miles. If you get 20 miles to every $4 gallon of gas you'd be burning $20 off the bat. As gas goes up in price, the more money you’ll be burning. (This doesn’t count the maintenance costs of going on a backroad: the wear and tear on your shocks, brakes, and tires, the car wash you’ll need if it’s mud season, the alignment from the pot holes, or the cost of the tow truck to get you out of that ditch you never saw coming because you were looking for moose, foliage, or other scenery.)

Instead, why don’t you take that $20 or $30 and put it towards the cost of a Vermont Backroad Tour? You'll see more of the real Vermont countryside that you would on your own, and can visit with real Vermonters. One thing I hear often from visitors is how nice it is for the person that does the driving to have a chance to see the scenery, and not have to concentrate on looking down the road (watching for ditches and pot holes). Think of me as your "country cousin" who’s showing you around the county.

To top it all off, Vermont Backroad Tours is charging the same rate as last year, and I am committed not to increase prices for the rest of this year. But, there is no better time than now to take a Vermont Backroad Tour! We are a growing business that is here to stay, but as of now you stand a fair chance of getting a private tour. The way business is going I don't know how much longer you will be able to get a private tour before I'm forced to charge extra.

Book a tour now, so you can say "I had a private Vermont Backroad Tour back when Kelly wasn't charging extra for it!" Your family (and car) will thank you for it.

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