How I Developed The Vermont Backroad Tour Cancellation Policy

At the end of October I had Mary call me on the afternoon her and her husband were scheduled to take our tour and ask about rescheduling for the next day. They were concerned that they would be discouraged with the tour because it had been raining throughout the day. I informed them I was unavailable the following day, and that there is plenty to experience on the back roads, even when the weather is questionable.They still were concerned that they would not get their money’s worth and wanted to cancel the tour entirely.

I made them an offer: Let me take them out for an hour and show them what I think they would enjoy seeing during that hour. At the end of the first hour, if they wanted to go back to their room at the inn, I would take them back and they wouldn’t owe a penny. However, if they enjoyed themselves and wanted to see the magic of the second hour, they would pay full price for the tour.

Mary said we would have a deal if they were only obligated to pay half price for the tour if they took the second hour. Having a good idea of what would happen, I accepted the deal. I told her that this would be a challenge for me, to see if I could make a "bad weather" day enjoyable for visitors.

Needless to say, not long after I picked them up, the rain let up and the sky looked a little brighter. We climbed up a few mountain roads; I pointing out homes and farms on mountains in the distance, then we would be driving past those distant locations 15 to 20 minutes later. As we made our way through the countryside, we passed fields with cows, horses and sheep grazing.

The hour was about up, and I informed Mary and her husband that it was time to go back to their room at the inn. As I turned toward the inn they looked at each other, in a way that married people are able to when they can tell what each is thinking. At that point Mary said, “I think we could do the second hour.”

I knew they were hooked.

You see, the problem with the Vermont Backroad Tour is that it's ADDICTIVE. Once you experience the pure pleasure of being on a road that nobody else is on, in the middle of the day, and you see views that 98% of tourists never enjoy on their vacation to Vermont, you won’t want the experience to end. It's like reading a story that you enjoy so much you can’t put the book down! It’s like watching a movie that you like so much that you can’t wait for the sequel!

Upon returning to the inn at the end of the 2-hour tour, Mary said that they agreed the tour was indeed worth the full price, and she also wanted to buy a “Limited Edition Vermont Backroad Tour T-Shirt.”

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